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 Disaster Prevention

Disaster Multilingual Support Center (PDF)

Disaster Prevention Measures Video

Evacuation Action Plan – Ward Editions and Disaster Prevention Maps (English/Portuguese)

Naka Ward

• Evacuation Action Plan – Naka Ward Edition(PDF:5,545KB) (PDF)
Evacuation Action Plan Supplement(PDF:479KB) (PDF)
• Disaster Prevention Maps
[Hikuma / Johoku / Kita / Higashi / Chuo(PDF:5,761KB)] [Agatai / Ekinan / Koto(PDF:3,811KB)] [Johoku / Tomitsuka / Sanarudai(PDF:4,764KB)] [Aoi / Takaoka / Hagioka / Takadai(PDF:6,351KB)]

Higashi Ward

• Evacuation Action Plan – Higashi Ward Edition(PDF:5,922KB) (PDF)
Evacuation Action Plan Supplement(PDF:336KB) (PDF)
• Disaster Prevention Maps
[Kaba / Nagakami(PDF:3,742KB)] [Wada / Nakanomachi(PDF:3,623KB)] [Kasai / Toyonishi / Yutaka-cho(PDF:3,545KB)] [Handa / Aritama / Sekishi(PDF:3,642KB)]

Nishi Ward

• Evacuation Action Plan – Nishi Ward Edition(PDF:5,559KB) (PDF) 
Evacuation Action Plan Supplement(PDF:729KB) (PDF)
• Disaster Prevention Maps
[Maisaka(PDF:2,979KB)] [Shinohara(PDF:2,144KB)] [Yuto / Kohitomi(PDF:2,864KB)[Irino / Ohiradai / Shitoro(PDF:3,006KB)] [Kakuro / Kamigaya / Okubo(PDF:4,511KB)] [Isami / Ohitomi(PDF:3,275KB)] [Waji / Sakuradai / Koto(PDF:3,483KB)] [Shonai / Murakushi / Kanzanji(PDF:7,480KB)]

Minami Ward

• Evacuation Action Plan – Minami Ward Edition(PDF:5,616KB) (PDF)
Evacuation Action Plan Supplement(PDF:719KB) (PDF)
• Disaster Prevention Maps
[Shirawaki / Mishima / Terawaki(PDF:2,635KB)] [Goto / Enoshima / Enshuhama(PDF:3,182KB)] [Kawawa / Shimoe / Nagata(PDF:2,353KB)] [Hogawa / Yasumatsu / Ishihara(PDF:3,118KB)] [Iida / Shingai / Otsuka(PDF:3,421KB)] [Kami / Shinzu(PDF:3,564KB)]

Kita Ward

• Evacuation Action Plan – Kita Ward Edition(PDF:5,553KB) (PDF) 
Evacuation Action Plan Supplement(PDF:468KB) (PDF)
• Disaster Prevention Maps
[Hosoe-cho Kiga(PDF:5,553KB)] [Hosoe-cho Nakagawa / Kanasashi(PDF:6,762KB)] [Mikatahara(PDF:3,139KB)] [Miyakoda / Shinmiyakoda(PDF:4,250KB)] [Southern Inasa (Iinoya / Kawana)(PDF:5,770KB)] [Northern Inasa (Shibukawa / Kurumeki)(PDF:5,496KB)] [Western Mikkabi(PDF:8,499KB)] [Eastern Mikkabi(PDF:5,735KB)]

Hamakita Ward

• Evacuation Action Plan – Hamakita Ward Edition(PDF:5,351KB) (PDF)
Evacuation Action Plan Supplement(PDF:333KB) (PDF)
• Disaster Prevention Maps
[Kibune / Nishimisono / Higashimisono / Takabatake(PDF:5,215KB)] [Uchino / Somejidai / Hirakuchi(PDF:2,952KB)] [Nakaze / Toyoyasu / Kamijima(PDF:3,470KB)] [Negata / Oro / Miyaguchi(PDF:3,404KB)] [Yondaichi / Hainoki / Oidaira(PDF:3,925KB)] [Aratama / Shinpara / Miyaguchi(PDF:4,091KB)]

Tenryu Ward

• Evacuation Action Plan – Tenryu Ward Edition(PDF:5,471KB) (PDF)
Evacuation Action Plan Supplement(PDF:588KB) (PDF)
• Disaster Prevention Maps
[Eastern Tenryu (Tatsukawa / Funagira)(PDF:7,468KB)] [Western Tenryu (Kamiatago / Shimoatago)(PDF:7,975KB)][Eastern Tatsuyama(PDF:3,793KB)] [Western Tatsuyama(PDF:3,913KB)] [Northern Sakuma(PDF:5,753KB)] [Southern Sakuma(PDF:6,514KB)] [Southern Haruno(PDF:5,829KB)] [Northern Haruno(PDF:5,911KB)] [Northern Misakubo(PDF:5,050KB)] [Southern Misakubo(PDF:6,614KB)]

Disaster Prevention Email

  • A mailing service which sends emails about earthquakes, disasters, etc PCExternal links/ A new window will open / Mobile

What is an Earthquake?

Warning Communication

If an earthquake occurrs suddenly...

What to carry when evacuating

List of Evacuation Locations

How to obtain information related to disasters.

Let's all work together to escape safely and rescue each other.

First Aid

Using the telephone in times of disaster

Preparing for the worst.

Advice from the Fire Department

What Hamamatsu City is doing to prevent disasters.

Other Information

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