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Weaning is Essential

  • 1. At around five to six months after birth, the nutrition in formula milk and the mother’s milk will no longer be enough.
  • 2. Develop their digestive system.
  • 3. Practice for drinking and chewing.
  • 4. Learn how to eat.
  • 5. Develop their senses, including taste, smell and touch.
  • 6. Help the baby’s emotional development.

Before You Begin Weaning

1. Correct their body rhythm

  • Don’t let your baby stay awake until late at night. Go to bed early and rise early.
  • Establish a schedule for breastfeeding.

Body rhythm

People have a body clock set to the same rhythm. The secretion of growth hormones and cell reproduction necessary for a baby’s growth happens at night, when they are deep asleep. By establishing this rhythm, weaning becomes easier.

2. Make sure they are hydrated

  • Let them drink water and barley tea

Babies and hydration

Babies’ kidneys are not yet fully functional, so they wee frequently and become dehydrated. This can lead to them crying at night.
Babies cannot say, “I’m thirsty!” for themselves. Give them water at regular intervals, such as when they are out or once they get back, after a bath, when it’s hot or when they’ve sweated a lot.

The Steps of Weaning

The months below are only a target. There are differences in individuals for when to start and how it proceeds. Move along at your baby’s pace.

How often to wean

  • For the first month: about once a day
  • After that, twice a day
  • At about nine months, three times a day

Form of the food for weaning

To start weaning
(around 5 to 6 months old)
Smooth purees (in a soup-like state)
Around 7 to 8 months old Foods that can be broken up with the tongue (e.g. tofu)
Around 9 to 11 months old Foods that can be broken up with the gums (e.g. banana)
Around 12 to 18 months old Food that can be chewed with the gums (e.g. meatballs)

The characteristics of the tongue movements and eating during weaning

Around 5 to 6 months old Learning how to swallow food in the mouth.
Around 7 to 8 months old Learning how to move food inside the mouth and crush it between their tongue and the roof of their mouth.
Around 9-11 months old Learning to use their gums to crush food that cannot be crushed with their tongue and the roof of their mouth.
Around 12 to 18 months old Learning how much to eat in one bite, by putting too much in their mouth and spilling it.
They become better at eating with their hands. They learn how to eat with a spoon.

Weaning Classes

Class contents:  Talk and practice for weaning
Eligible: Guardians of 5 month old babies

About Weaning Classes and Weaning Consultations

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