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Buses in Hamamatsu are run by Entetsu Railway’s bus division, Hamamatsu Bus and Akiha Bus Services. A number will be shown on the front of the buses, which makes their destination clear. Timetables for each of the buses can be found at the bus stops. The bus terminal is at the north exit of Hamamatsu Station, and the buses are divided up between stops one to sixteen depending on their destination.

Riding the Bus

  • When waiting at a bus stop, signal to the driver that you wish to ride by raising your hand. They will then stop and let you on.
  • Board the bus from the double doors in the middle.
  • When boarding, take the small ticket that will appear from the machines at the sides of the steps by the doors. This is called a seiri-ken, and will have a number on it that indicates where you boarded. Do not lose or fold this ticket. (In the event that you lose the seiri-ken, you will be charged the most expensive fare shown on the fare board.)
  • When arriving at your bus stop, put the numbered ticket into the box beside the driver. Please put exact fare after checking from the displayed fare chart.
  • When the bus is approaching your destination, signal to the driver that you wish to get off by pressing the button. When the bus has stopped at the bus stop that you wish to get off at, put the seiri-ken in the box by the driver, check the price, drop the correct money in and then get off the bus.
  • Prices are shown on the fare board at the front of the bus, so please try and get the change ready before you have to get off.
    Elementary students should let the driver know that they are elementary students when handing in their seiri-ken.
  • Use the change machine by the driver’s seat when you do not have the correct change.If you use the buses on a daily basis, it is more economical to use a commuter pass.

Commuter pass, Nice Pass

If you use the bus every day, it is economical to use a commuter pass or the Nice Pass. The commuter pass cuts the cost about 30-40%; the Nice Pass, 10%.
You can buy a commuter pass or Nice Pass at the ticket center at the bus terminal on the North Exit of the JR Hamamatsu Station as well as at any branch office. The Nice Pass allows deposits at vending machines and inside the bus. To use a pass, put the card on the machine when you board the bus and when you leave the bus. There is no need for a number ticket.

Child Fares (available for elementary school students)

Child fares are half the price of an adult fare rounded up to the nearest ¥10. Up to two toddlers (under elementary school age) may travel for free when accompanying an adult. Further toddlers must pay the child fare.

Student pass, Nice Pass (student card)

*A student ID or school commute certificate is required upon purchase.

For more information please contact:
JR Hamamatsu Station Bus Terminal Ticket Center Tel. 053-455-2255

Monday-Friday 7:00 - 19:00, Saturday holiday 8:00-19:00

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