Japan Railway (JR)

JR Hamamatsu Station is serviced by the Tokaido Line and the Shinkansen (bullet train line). The Tokaido Line is convenient for commuting and making short trips.

The Shinkansen (Bullet Train Line)

The Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen runs from Tokyo to Hakata on Kyushu.
A trip to Tokyo or Osaka from Hamamatsu takes about two hours on the Kodama train.
From Tokyo there are Shinkansen trains to the Tohoku region, Yamagata, Akita, Joetsu and Nagano.

Local Trains

The Tokaido Line connects Tokyo and Osaka.
On the way, it also connects to many other JR stations, as well as private lines, making it very convenient for travel and business trips.
On local trains from Hamamatsu, it takes about one hour to Shizuoka and about two hours to Nagoya.


The fare for a normal train is considered the basic fare.
When using the express or super-express, reserving seats or riding the sleeper train, another fare is charged on top of the basic fare.
For example, when riding a Shinkansen train, a super-express ticket is necessary on top of the basic fare.
There are cases when the basic fare ticket can continue to be used even after alighting at a Shinkansen stop.
Coupon tickets, round-trip tickets and discount tickets are also available
Tickets are available from automated ticket machines in the station, JR Ticket Offices (midori no madoguchi), as well as from discount ticket stores.

Fare Pricing

Up to two children under the age of six can travel free when accompanied by an adult or another child aged six and above.
Any children after the two children limit must pay the child fare, which is half of the adult fare.
Children aged six to eleven must buy a child ticket even when accompanied by an adult.

JR Hamamatsu Station  Tel: 053-453-2502

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Enshu Railway (Entetsu) – The Nishi-Kajima Line (Akaden)

The Nishi-Kajima Line runs north from Shin-Hamamatsu Station, which is near the JR Station. It runs for 18 km from Shin-Hamamatsu Station to Nishi-Kajima Station. As the trains themselves are red, it is often called by its nickname, Akaden, which means “red train.”

Entetsu Hamamatsu Bus Terminal Ticket Center Tel: 053-455-2255
Shin-Hamamatsu Station Tel: 053-452-4806

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