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Hamamatsu Intercultural Center

Activities of the Center

Hamamatsu City conducts city development that is open to the world, so that both Japanese and foreign residents can live their lives without worry. The Hamamatsu Intercultural Center provides multilingual everyday life consultation services and also implements various other activities to support communities with foreign residents.
Please go to the site here for more information.

Consultations / Training / Courses

Consultations in Various Languages

Please go to the site here for more information.

Crisis Counseling

Hamamatsu Lifeline Direct Number for Counseling in Portuguese

Every Friday 19:30-21:30 Tel 053-474-0333

General Consultations on Building an Intercultural Community

Please consult us about anything regarding such things as how to interact with or how to participate in activities with foreign residents in your community.

Intercultural Social Work Training

We provide training for those who provide support to foreign residents.

Information Provision

We provide a variety of information on everyday living and working.

International Understanding Lecture Service

We will dispatch instructors to give talks regarding international understanding.

Disaster Multilingual Support Center

When a major disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami, has occurred, a disaster multilingual support center will be established to transmit vital information in foreign languages.
Please check the official HICE (Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communication and Exchange) Facebook page when a disaster has occurred.


Hamamatsu Intercultural Center, Tel: 053-458-2170

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