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 Elementary & Junior High School

Admission Procedures

If you would like to enroll your child into a public elementary or junior high school, begin by undergoing the school entrance orientation offered at the Board of Education Educational Development Division Education Comprehensive Educational Support Center. After that, you are required to go through the enrollment procedures at the Education General Affairs Division. Parents (guardians) should bring their Resident Card (Zairyu kado) etc as well as their child’s. Your child can begin attending elementary or junior high school from the day designated by the Board of Education. There are also schools for children with special needs, so please feel free to enquire at the Education Comprehensive Educational Support Center.

Information on Elementary School Enrollment

The Hamamatsu Board of Education will send notifications to parents (guardians) with children who will be begin attending elementary school the following April. The notifications contain the following information.

August: Acceptance of applications for elementary grade 1 students
September: Notification about the pre-school medical examination (Medical Examination for Enrolled students) will be sent out.
October: A school entrance orientation will be held.
December: Admission Notices will be sent out.
February: A school entrance orientation will be held.

* School entrance ceremonies for public elementary and junior high schools will be held in April


Education General Affairs Division, Hamamatsu Board of Education

Education Comprehensive Educational Support Center, Hamamatsu Board of Education
* Portuguese and Spanish interpreters are available

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At public schools, school fees and texts are free, but it is the guardians' responsibility to pay for school supplies, meals, excursions and activities.

Schooling Support

If a family whose child goes to public elementary or junior high school has financial difficulties, subsidies are available for school supplies, lunch and excursions. Please consult your child's homeroom teacher regarding the subsidies. However, there are examinations after the application is presented and there is no guarantee that you will get the subsidy. This procedure takes time, and you cannot receive the subsidy until everything is completed.

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Japanese Language Education

Some elementary and junior high schools have a Japanese language education program for children with insufficient Japanese language skills. Teachers specially assigned to foreign students teach Japanese language and provide guidance to help foreign students get accustomed to Japanese life as soon as possible. There are also classes called "Hamakko Kyoushitsu" to teach basic Japanese outside of regular classes. These classes are for students with insufficient Japanese who attend elementary and junior high schools in Hamamatsu. Talk to your child's teacher for more information.

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After-school children’s council (hokago jidokai)

For children of lower grades of elementary school whose guardians are not at home during the day, after school care provides a place for children to spend time after school and helps promote health through appropriate play.

Target Students Generally 1st - 3rd grade elementary school students.
When Monday - Friday (school days only) from the end of school until around 18:00) 8:00-around 18:00 during summer vacation and other long holidays. * Guardians must come pick up their children.
Cost Cost varies

Contact Information

Social Welfare Division

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