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国際交流員からの挨拶|Greetings from the CIRs

こんにちは!私たちは浜松市役所国際課の国際交流員(Coordinator for International Relations)です!





Hello, we are the Coordinators for International Relations working at Hamamatsu City Hall!

We are part of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) which was started in 1987 to promote internationalisation in Japan's local communities. JET helps to place foreign participants in schools, cityhalls, boards of education etc. across Japan as either Assistant Language Teachers (ALT), Coordinators For International Relations (CIR) or Sports Exchange Advisors (SEA).

Since 2007, Hamamatsu CIRs have been publishing a monthly newsletter to introduce their countries and cultures. In 2020, to mark the new decade, we have revamped the newsletter to give it a new design and home on the Hamamatsu City official website!

国際交流員(CIR)とは|What is a Coordinator of International Relations (CIR)?

国際交流員(CIR:Coordinator for International Relations) は、主に地方公共団体の国際交流担当部局等に配属され、国際交流活動に従事します。浜松市国際課の国際交流員は翻訳、通訳、イベントの調整、浜松市国際課国際交流に関する月刊誌CIRニュースの執筆などの業務をしています。



CIRs (Coordinators for International Relations) are mainly assigned to the international exchange departments of local governments to engage ininternational exchange activities. The Hamamatsu CIRs are responsible for translation, interpretation, event coordination, and writing the CIR News, a monthly publication on international exchange.

現在の浜松市国際交流員(CIR)の紹介|Introducing the Current CIRs



Joelジョエル・ティホン!イギリスのチェルムスフォード市出身。Joel Teahon from the U.K.

JETプログラム1年目。子どもの時、「千と千尋の神隠し」や「魔女の宅急便」をはじめとしたスタジオジブリの映画を見て、非常に興味深い文化と言語だと思い、勉強しようと決心しました。大学で日本語の専攻し、2018年に同志社大学で留学しました。大学を卒業後、JETプログラムを通して浜松にきました。趣味はハイキングや筋トレや刺繡などです。浜松市に着いたばかりで、まだまだ新しい生活に完全に慣れていないのですが、浜松のみなさんと協力するのを楽しみにしております。 新しい国際交流員として浜松市のみなさんのお役に立てるよう一生懸命がんばります。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

1st year on the JET Programme. Became interested in Japanese culture and language after coming across Studio Ghibl movies such as "Spirited Away" and "Kiki's Delivery Service" as a child. Studied Japanese in University and studied in Doshisha University for one year. Came to Hamamatsu through the JET Programme. Hobbies include hiking, working out and embroidery. 

I have only just arrived in Hamamatsu and haven’t completely adjusted to my new life yet, but I am looking forward to working with you all. I will try my best to be of use as your new CIR. Thank you!


Graceグレイス・ウォルシュ!スイス生まれ、アイルランド出身。Grace Walsh from Ireland.



2nd year on the JET Programme. Became interested in Japanese through traditional culture, such as kimono and shamisen, and decided to study Japanese in University. Did a study abroad in Sophia University in Tokyo for a year. After graduating university, worked in a cafe and then came to Hamamatsu through the JET Programme. My hobbies included Cafe Crawling, making cakes and reading. I love Haruki Murakami,so lately I'm re-reading his books in Japanese.

From now until the end,let's be bright and work hard together! Looking forward to getting to know you all!






HAMAWAVE is a quarterly magazine about international exchange and life in Japan written by Hamamatsu City CIRs at the International Affairs Division. Originally a newsletter called "The Hama CIR News" it was first published in 2007, and until now, was only made available to city employees.

At the beginning of 2020, we renamed it the "HAMAWAVE" and have been publishing seasonal editions on the official Hamamatsu City website.

今月の「HAMAWAVE」|This Month's Issue

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Spring Edition of HAMAWAVE 2023.

In this Spring Edition of HAMAWAVE we decided to share some of our favourite things in Spring; with articles on Easter, Saint Patrick's Day and a recipe, we're sure this edition will be a fun read! 

We hope you enjoy this iteration of HAMAWAVE and we hope to see you for our Summer issue!








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