Hamamatsu Information Bulletin

December/ 2017 - No.162

allow National Health Insurance Claims for High-Cost Medical Expenses
allow Exclusive Offers for New Adults This Year
allow Retention Deadline for My Number Cards
allow Tax Filing for Depreciable Assets
allow Expiry Dates of Electronic Certificates Stored in Basic Resident Registration Cards
allow Free Tax Consultation for Foreign Nationals
allow Free Consultation by a Certified Administrative Procedure Legal Specialist
allow Free Legal Consultations
allow Enrollment Notices for Elementary and Junior High Schools
allow Public Comments System – Let the Municipal Government Hear Your Thoughts
allow Book Start
allow Japanese Language Volunteer Training Course Open Seminar
allow Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika
allow Flower Park
allow Fire Department New Year’s Parade
allow Photograph/Population
allow This Month’s Cover
allow Population
  1. This bulletin contains selected information from the Japanese edition published by City Hall.
  2. The telephone numbers listed in this bulletin will all be answered in Japanese only.
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