Hamamatsu Information Bulletin

April/ 2018 - No.166

allow Pneumococcal Vaccinations for the Elderly
allow Designated Emergency Aid Station (During Large-Scale Disasters) Changes
allow 2019 (Heisei 31) Hamamatsu City Coming of Age Ceremonies (Seijin-shiki)
allow Consultation Guidance for School Admissions
allow Subsidy for the Promotion of Homes that Create, Conserve, or Store Energy
allow Requesting Cooperation in the Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions
allow Special Health Examination Vouchers for FY2018 for those with Hamamatsu City National Health Insurance (Free at ages 40 and 50)
allow Nursery Rooms for Sick and Recovering Children
allow Notification Regarding Blood Testing for AIDS and Other Illnesses
allow Hepatitis Examination
allow 29th Welcome-Turtle Cleanup Operation
allow Flower Park
allow Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika
allow Nippashi Gymnasium
allow Photograph/Population
allow This Month’s Cover
allow Population
  1. This bulletin contains selected information from the Japanese edition published by City Hall.
  2. The telephone numbers listed in this bulletin will all be answered in Japanese only.
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