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January 6, 2015
UNESCO Creative Cities Network Membership

As an initiative to realize the future vision of the city in the Hamamatsu City Comprehensive Plan, “‘Creative City Hamamatsu, shining into the future’ built on civil collaboration,” Hamamatsu submitted an application aiming to become a member of the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Creative Cities Network in the thematic area of Music in February 2014. We then became the 7th city, as well as the 1st city in Asia, to be designated in the thematic area of music.

  1. Designation Date
    December 1, 2014 (Monday)
  2. Thematic Area
  3. About the UNESCO Creative Cities Network
    Upon a backdrop of preservation of cultural diversity and prevention of the loss of local, unique cultures, the network was created in 2004 as a program to promote international cooperation and exchange between cities related to creative and cultural industries. There are 7 thematic areas: 1) literature, 2) film, 3) music, 4) crafts and folk art, 5) design, 6) media arts, and 7) gastronomy.
  4. Purpose of Membership
    Through membership in the network, it becomes possible to appeal to the world and raise the city’s image, as well as undertake city development and industrial promotion that makes use of human resource development, culture, and arts through mutual exchange between member cities.
  5. Events Leading to the Present
    March 2007 Incorporation of “‘Creative City Hamamatsu, shining into the future’ built on civil collaboration,” into the future vision for the city in the 1st Hamamatsu City Comprehensive Plan.
    August 2010 Formation of the Hamamatsu Creative City Promotion Council and the UNESCO Membership Application Investigative Committee
    March 2011 Application submission to the UNESCO Secretariat (Paris)
    December 2011 Suspension of evaluations due to financial difficulties
    July 2013 Announcement that UNESCO resumes evaluations
    October 2013 Announcement of new format and new evaluation method
    February 2014 Reapplication using the new format
    December 2014 Membership
  6. Application Contents
    ♦Creative resources and initiatives
    • Diverse cultural projects such as the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition and the Shizuoka International Opera Competition.
    • Existence of many operational headquarters, notably for leaders and musicians, organizations connected to rich human resources such as music organizations, and ACT City Hamamatsu.
    • Existence of high schools that train musicians, the Shizuoka University of Art and Culture, where one can learn art management, as well as the ACT City Academy of Music, which caters to performers and citizens alike.
    • Promotion of music culture by musical instrument makers such as Yamaha, Kawai, and Roland.
    ♦Contributions to the Creative Cities Network
    • Promotion of international exchange though the holding of international conferences and music events.
    • Realization of cross-cultural understanding and cultural diversity through the activities of the Museum of Musical Instruments, etc.
    • International-level human resource development and exchange through inter-university exchange and more.
    • Cooperation with thematic areas such as design and media arts
  7. UNESCO Creative Cities Network Official Website
    http://www.unesco.org/new/en/culture/themes/creativity/creative-cities-network/window open

    UNESCO Creative Cities Network
    “Creative City, Hamamatsu” Promotional Video (opens in a new window)window open

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