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Site Policy (Foreign Language Homepage)

The foreign language version of the Hamamatsu City Official Homepage (henceforth referred to as the website) is designed to globally promote Hamamatsu’s attractions and unique assets, notably Hamamatsu City’s industries, which have produced global companies, as well as the culture and sightseeing spots of Hamamatsu. We endeavor to actively disseminate and gather new information online.

However, both users and homepage providers hold many different views on how the internet, which has developed so rapidly, should be used. Thus, a measured approach to site management is necessary.

The administration of the website is based on the viewpoint outlined below. However, our decisions are not always final, and we recognize the need for continual revision and reconsideration. If you notice anything we should be aware of, please let us know.

Site Content
1. Ease of Use
We are working to improve the usability of the website, taking into consideration how easy it is to use the website, grasp the structure and navigate the website, as well as find information.
  • We hope to improve the freedom with which you can use the website by placing priority index links (so-called “bread crumb navigation”) which indicate the position of the current page in relation to the whole website, and links to the main categories of the website (so-called “global navigation”), at the foot of each page.

2. Equity of Use
The question of ease of use tends to be biased towards methods of use which rely on sight.
We have established departmental guidelines on accessibility so that as many people as possible will be equally able to use the website. By respecting these guidelines in all aspects of the website’s content, we are working to implement a website in line with Universal Design policy.
  • Care has been taken so that the site will not be difficult to use, or errors arise, due to differences in user environments, such as variations in type or performance of the user’s connection or machine, the make or version of the Operating System or browser, monitor resolution etc.
  • Care has been taken so that the site will not be difficult to use, or errors arise, due to differences in users such as sensory faculties e.g. sight or hearing, devices such as a keyboard or mouse, knowledge and experience of the internet or the administration etc.

Site Management
1. Direct Management by the Responsible Department
Departments responsible for the various sectors are in charge not only of the relevant content, they also respond directly to enquiries by telephone or e-mail, providing an excellent supply of information and high-level services, through smooth communication.

2. Speedy Website Renewal
We will pay close attention to detail in our site management, making timely revisions to the website.

The reproduction, use or sale of any of the website’s content, including information, text and images, without the permission of the copyright holder, is strictly forbidden. Copyrighted material on the website (e.g. text, images, movies and audio etc.) and the copyright for programs used, belongs to Hamamatsu City, or the sources that have provided information to Hamamatsu City.
Company names and product names that appear on the website are the trademarks or registered trademarks of the relevant companies.

1. Links to the website
As a rule, anyone is free to make a link to the website.
However, links may be refused if the content of the site from which the link originates, or the way in which the website is linked, is considered “contrary to public order and standards of decency”, or considered to “inflict damage on Hamamatsu City or Wards, or constitute an abuse of trust”.

Furthermore, when individual pieces of information are revised the URL will change so, as far as possible, please link to the website’s main homepage. When making a link to the website, please use the banner below.

2. Links from the website
When links are made from the website to other websites, such sites will either be related to Hamamatsu City, belong to national or local government public bodies or similar organizations, or to organizations which have a particular need to provide information.
As a rule, we will not link to any other sites. We ask for your understanding on this matter.
When a user clicks on some external links (links to sites not in the “city.Hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp” domain ), a new window will open. If this is the case, it will be indicated in the following way: [address of external link].
We are not responsible for the contents of third-party websites which this website links to, or which display a link to this website (henceforth referred to as link sites). The administration of such websites is the responsibility of the relevant organization. When using such link sites please respect the conditions of usage for that site. We do not bear responsibility for any damage arising from the contents or use of link sites.

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