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Privacy Policy

As outlined in the “Hamamatsu City Ordinance on Personal Information Protection”, the collection, use and management of personal information such as addresses, names, phone numbers and email addresses via the Hamamatsu City Official Website (hereafter referred to as “website”) are maintained with strict fairness as follows below.

On the Collection of Personal Information
In principle, Hamamatsu City will collect personal information via this website only through voluntary submission by the individual user.

On Cookies
This website utilizes cookies. A cookie is a tiny piece of text that allows the user to peruse a website more conveniently in the case of multiple visits. Cookies do not infringe on the user’s privacy, and they do not have an adverse effect on the user’s computer. Information on how to refuse new cookies, how to be notified when your browser accepts a new cookie, and how to disable cookie functions may be found in the help guides of most internet browsers.

On the Handling of Personal Information
Your personal information is handled with strict fairness for the following purposes.
  • Comments and inquiries are used to improve municipal administration and this website’s services.
  • Addresses, names, phone numbers and email addresses are collected in order to answer inquiries or confirm details via postal service, phone, or email.
In addition, personal information may be solicited for purposes separate from the above via surveys etc.

On the Management of Personal Information
The maintainer of this website manages all collected personal information in the strictest confidence, and special measures are undertaken to prevent disclosure, misappropriation, tampering and so forth. Through continuous reviews, we work to protect your privacy.

Security & Links
In order to achieve the user goals written above, there are cases when personal information is deposited with administrative management subcontractors. In these cases, we choose subcontractors who are fully committed to protecting your privacy, and we further undertake such necessary and appropriate measures as including an obligation to protect personal information in subcontracting contracts. However, please note that there are cases when we are required by law to release information to relevant authorities if requested by the courts or the police, etc.

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