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City Seal, Flower, Tree, Bird

City Seal
City Seal The horizontally symmetrical design of the seal symbolizes the city’s symbiosis with the cycle of its natural environment; the upper part represents the lush forests in the north of the city and the lower part represents the beautiful waters of Lake Hamana and the Enshu coast. Moreover, the white wave in the middle represents the waves of the Enshu coast, symbolizing the energy and growth of the city. (Established July 1, 2005)

City Flower: Mikan
City Flower This elegant, snow-white flower is in full bloom in early summer, filling the air with its refreshingly sweet fragrance. Grown to take advantage of Hamamatsu’s warm natural climate, the mikans are well-known throughout Japan. (Established November 28, 2006)

City Tree: Matsu (Japanese pine)
City Tree Japanese black pine grows along the coastal region of Hamamatsu and Japanese red pine is plentiful in the inland areas; “pine” (matsu) is even a part of the city’s name. Even now, there are ancient and famous trees in the city for which legends are still being passed down by the citizens. (Established November 28, 2006)

City Bird: Uguisu (Japanese bush warbler)
City Bird Japanese bush warblers are well-loved as harbingers of spring, which breed in the mountains in the city during summer and can be seen in parks and neighborhood gardens in the plains during winter. Their beautiful and clear song calms the soul and is a fitting symbol for the City of Music, Hamamatsu. (Established November 28, 2006)

Hamamatsu City Hall
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