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Towards a City of Music

Hamamatsu is internationally known as a center of musical instrument manufacturing. Electronic musical technologies such as the synthesizer not only contributed to the development of modern music, but have significant influence on subcultures around the world.

Today, under the “City of Music” initiative that the city has been implementing since 1979, opportunities for art appreciation are plentiful, and there are various, vibrant cultural activities that citizens voluntarily participate in or create themselves. The city also has an abundance of projects and facilities with international appeal, such as the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition and the Museum of Musical Instruments.

The development of Hamamatsu will surely reach new heights once it can be conveyed to the world that music has taken root as the industry of the city and that a number of musicians engaged in creative activities, along with specialists from different fields, have based themselves in the city and have successful careers.

The city became affiliated with the UNESCO Creative City Network in the field of Music in December 2014. Now, as a UNESCO Creative City, the city plans to hold international conferences on cultural diversity through music in 2015, and the World Music Festival in Hamamatsu in 2016.

By utilizing its cultural stockpile built up through accomplishments in music cultivated over the years as its asset, and by gathering various domestic and international talents, Hamamatsu is aiming to become a City of Music, a stage for exchange to take place through music.

Agreements on Promoting Musical Culture & Friendship Exchange

Citizens are participating in a wide range of intercity exchange activities through music.

  • Warsaw (Poland): Signed an Agreement in October 1990
  • Prague National Theater (Czech Republic): Signed an exchange agreement in October 1995 with ACT City Hamamatsu
  • Sapporo (Japan): Exchange agreement declared in May 2009
  • Bologna (Italy): Memorandum of understanding signed in April 2014

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